IAM Factsheets

This section of the website reproduces IAM Factsheets which were initially published on the main IAM website.  There have been collected and made available here for your easy reference.  As and when new Factsheets are published, they will often be included in the group's quarterly Newsletter, as well as added to this list.


22/001 - Classic Cars


21/001 - Safety Cameras
Facts about Safety Cameras and some tips for staying safe with respect to speed limits.


20/001 - Succesful Towing Techniques
Tips on how to tow safely if you are new to towing.


19/001 - Driving Attributes
An IAM checklist for driving with the right attitude.


18/001 - Emergency Vehicles
Advice on how to deal with them.


17/001 - Sharing the Road with Cyclists
Some guidance on how to make life easier (and safer) for cyclists on todays congested roads.


16/001 - Use of Gears and Advanced Driving
Minimise your fuel consumption around town and making it easier to stay within speed limits.


15/002 - Driver Fatigue
How to spot the signs and what to do to combat it.


14/001 - Driving In Wet Weather


13/001 - The School Run
Advice to parents if they absolutely have to drive their children to school.


12/001 - Scooter Riders
Should Be Stylish...BUT Safe Too. Common sense questions for scooter riders to ensure safety on todays busy roads.


11/001 - Personal Safety On The Road
Guidance and advice from the IAM for those driving alone.


10/001 - Membership Information
Broad details of the benefits of IAM Membership.


09/001 - Winter Driving
Advice and guidance on how to deal with winter driving.


08/001 - Holiday Driving In The UK


07/001 - Driving At Night


06/001 - Mobile Phones
Advice and guidance on the use of mobile phones whilst driving.


05/001 - "Greener" Driving
Driving and caring for your car/bike with environmental views in mind.


04/001 - Motorway Driving


03/001 - The "Older" Driver
Advice and guidance for drivers over 60 to recognise and get help on significant changes in driving over the years.


01/001 - Driving Abroad
Advice for driving on the "wrong side of the road".

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