How to Join the Group

There are two ways to join the IAM via the Skills for Life package.


What is Skills for Life?

The Skills for Life package encompasses everything you need to help you pass your IAM test, it also includes a year's membership to both the IAM, and the Dorset Group:

  • A copy of the book How To Be A Better Driver, which is based on Roadcraft - The Police Driving Manual.
  • A copy of the IAM's Magazine "Advanced Driving" three times a year.
  • Associate membership to the Dorset IAM Group (inc four Newsletters per year).
  • An allocated observer to help you to prepare for the IAM Test.
  • The IAM Advanced Test and Certificate.
  • Your first year's membership to the IAM after passing the Advanced Test.


To join you can either complete an online form (via the IAM website), or contact our secretary for details.


Renewing existing Group Membership

The March 2019 form is also available for renewals (and members transferring from other groups).

Note: both of the above forms contain Standing Order mandates, which is the Group's preferred method of payment and reduces admin overheads.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Group!


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