Write up - 2009 - Christmas Meal

The Group decided to have a Christmas Meal at the Nothe Travern in Weymouth instead of organising a social event.  As this event was taking place suitably close to my home I decided to walk there, as it was one of the few Christmas meals I was attending within walking distance.  As the weather looked a little dubious that evening, I left the house armed with a waterproof coat and my camera.


On walking through Hope Square, I was presented with the image shown below - a real Christmas tree, unlike the modern "cone" which Poole Council decided to opt for!


Upon ariving at the pub, I quickly ensure I was armed with a pint of beer, and then set about finding out where I was seated, thanks to Fiona I even knew what I was eating.  As luck would have it, I was sitting at the end of the one table, so that made life a bit easier for taking a few photos.  Unfortunately, our guest of honour, Dougie did not arrive in time for us to be seated (it later transpired that he was operating a day out, and was expecting to come the following day - opps!).


Before we actually started on our food, Hazel quickly addressed the table, as you can see from the first picture, David, our group Treasurer appears to be shocked.... maybe Hazel was suggest that group funds paid for the meal (only kidding - incase anyone from the Charity Commission is reading this).



Once the words were finished, we quickly tucked into our starters, which you can see went down quite well - certainly in my case they did!


Soon after that the main course was delivered and quickly polished off, followed by desert, which I think in true tradition I probably had two :-)


The final picture on my camera is a somewhat of a mystery as to what is going on.  I can spot some Christmas pudding being delivered, but any ideas as to what our Chairwoman is up to?


Words: Matthew Ames
Images: Matthew Ames

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