Write up - 2009 - Manoeuverability Competition

A Manoeuvrability Event took place for our August 18th get together and we were blessed with sunshine all evening.  Our thanks go to Alec Conway, who organised and set up the ‘competition’ for us in HMP The Verne overflow car park.

One by one, the drivers drove round the chicane to park in the ‘garage’.  We then had to drive a figure of eight with a tray on the bonnet, trying not to let the ball roll off!  All this was timed!  It was then a reverse into a small parking space!  From this, we then had to guess the width of our vehicles so we could drive into the next opening, leaving as little space as possible at the sides.  Our final task in the car, was to drive round and reverse back around cones NOT knocking the ball off a perch! Tricky eh?


After this, it was a guessing game of distances, stopping and speeds – great fun.


Watching this all happen, were friends of mine from Denmark. My pal Conny wanted a go so at the end, she borrowed my car and went forth! Never having driven a right hand drive before or my car, she did really well (hate to say it but better than me!!)   Many photos were taken and she had a great time. A good story to take home to Copenhagen from her holidays.


The Committee and Members had an enjoyable evening and when all the points were added up, we had a winner – Barry Percy – well done.  An engraved plaque was presented to Barry, who refrained from giving an acceptance speech!


I would say the only downside of this event was that there could have been a lot more members attend – pity!  We know what you missed.


Words: Hazel Brancroft
Images: Matthew Ames

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