Don't just take our word for what the IAM is about, below are a couple of testimonials from recent Group Associates who have taken their tests and have now become full Group Members,


By Mrs Rowan Temple of Wareham
Passed 05 January 2011

“Every Driver should do this!  It could save your life!"

Those were the words that opened my eyes to the IAM.  I signed up there and then.

Three lectures later (not compulsory but worth while attending) I contacted my Observer and a date was set.

I was given nearly 2 hours every week of my observer, Mick’s time, covering the likely test routes, busy Town streets and narrow country roads.

His manner gave me confidence and I started to gradually improve my technique and slow down a lot more and be extremely careful of Speed Limits.

Driving became even more enjoyable because there was always something to work at.

After 5 sessions with Mick he thought I was ready, so I booked my test.  My test was rigorous but my driving was up to standard and I passed.

I now feel I would like to give something back to this organisation so if I can qualify as an Observer and encourage more people to undertake this training then the roads will be much safer!


By Mr John Wood of Weymouth
Passed 09 June 2010

Although I had thought about taking the Advanced Driving test for several years, it wasn't until my daughter was considering learning to drive and I noticed an article in the local paper advertising the IAM presentation evenings, which prompted me to take part.

I attended the presentation evenings with my daughter which we found both informative and enjoyable, focusing on different areas of driving and answering any questions people asked.  At the end of the first presentation evening I was hooked and decided to sign up for the Skills for Life course.  After I had been to all three presentation evenings I was assigned an Observer who provided me with valuable feedback on my driving over a number of weeks.

I was a little nervous on the day of my test however, thanks to the information gained from the presentations and the advice of my IAM observer, I passed my test.  Since becoming an Advanced Driver I have continued to practice and improve my driving and have recently become an IAM Observer which will enable me to help prepare others who wish to become better drivers and join the IAM.


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